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See how we’re making a difference by focusing 100% on the customer experience.

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the fastest towing service provider in Los Angeles and beyond.

Get back to what you were doing. From click to call to tow, we strive to deliver the most efficient towing and transport experience.

Our Values

Helping people move vehicles around the city and beyond. Towing, auto transport, and roadside assistance.

Lightning Fast

We minimize the time it takes to get onsite by streamlining our entire process. From the moment the customer calls, we’re identifying key information to route our tow trucks to location.

Preparing our driver’s with the information they need in order to work fast. With Auto Tow LA, speed is king.

Flawless Work

We keep up-to-date with manufacturers’ guidelines on towing cars and review them as necessary for each job so that we can ensure there are zero mistakes.

Even if a car is illegally parked and needs to be transported, we do it the right way.

Always Available

With Auto Tow LA in your back pocket, you be confident that someone is ready to assist you at the tap of a thumb.

We see your call as a Giant Sky Beam, calling us down a hero needed to save the day. Always alert, always ready.